Enjoy Your Petit Viewpoint
by Steven Breen
August 2007

I am both disheartened and intrigued by the nature of essays that have been written concerning Heightism. I have only recently taken an interest in Heightism because I have met very few men my height and the Media has broadcast a number of shows portraying very depressed and almost suicidal short men. I have been oblivious to Heightism because I never really considered myself as short. I am physically short but intellectually I am anyone's equal.

I have been short all my life and I have never really considered myself handicapped. I never excelled in sports, even for the want of trying. To put it into perspective - it was so much easier for me to go under hurdles than try to jump them. I found that I set my own personal goals in life and never really was bothered about normal peoples' height attainments.

I am a born problem solver and I have used my height as a clear example of how to overcome blatant obstacles to achieve relative success -especially at job interviews. I realised from an early age that my forte was cerebral rather than physical. I come from a family where scholastic achievement was unheard-of. However, I preservered and got my degrees in Science and became a scientist.

I have always had a self-deprecating view of my diminutive stature but I also have a self-image of someone of normal height. I do regard door handles or steering wheels at the wrong height but at my own unique perspective. I cannot believe that people undergo life always aware of their shortcomings (literally). I regard myself as normal and have never been intimidated by anyone.

I too was bullied at school but I had the respect of a number of close friends (the tough guys who I befriended and interacted with, as an equal) who protected me from the worst of it. Also, to complicate matters, I am very overweight and I always have been. Children found it difficult to intimidate me since all I had to so was sit on or charge at someone for them to realise just how immensely dense a sub-five foot frame at over 14stone can be! It's like being hit with a boulder! I also am quite intelligent and found that verbal harassment was a far more powerful tool than physical violence (peer ridicule is a very power sledgehammer which leaves emotional bruises!). I became a sharp witted and verbally outspoken character but underneath I was a very shy individual. My musical and singing talents allowed me to put on a facade to maintain the "tough" exterior.

I have always enjoyed participating in sports but I realise I would never excel. However, if I did the best within my own capabilities I felt as much reward as anyone who won.

I hope that others that read this essay don't think I trivialise the issues that short men undergo. I just can't believe that it would dictate men's lives to such an extent. I have lost close family members over my life and I have found great succour in my close friends and relatives.

Height, even though it is a physical attribute, is in reality a mind-set. If you think you are continually shorter than everyone else you will believe the hype that you don't deserve rewards and success in life that taller people dictate.

I freely admit I have given up on long-term relationships (just to avoid the embarrassment) but I do find my relatively small success as a scientist most rewarding. If I can still help my friends and relatives to overcome life's little traumas I will be a happy man. If a relationship did happen then things would be perfect but perfection is an idyll that many never achieve!!!

Maybe, instead of complaining about how ill-treated short people are - why not just get on with what life you've been given and rejoice in the different and unique viewpoints you have. Why always try and be at loggerheads with a taller society - just work your way around to find your own little Nirvana.

If I had the literary skills I would endeavour to change perceptions of heroes to make them smaller and unique - just like HOBBITS. I read Lord of the Rings (3 times) and I was inspired - it made me realise that anyone can achieve anything, no matter how daunting. I would be so happy to see shorter people not defined by their height but by their rich and multi-faceted characters!! If only small people didn't entrap themselves with a small mindset.

I always refer to myself as the Little Fat Bald Man (it can't get much worse!) and anyone who is derogatory to me - of normal height - is just a Lanky Streak of P*SS!!!!

Take care my friends and enjoy your petit viewpoint.

Kind regards,

Steve B