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First Name:Steven
Last Name:Goldsmith
Age Range:40 - 49
Street Address:
State or Canadian Province:
Zip Code or Postal Code:
Home Phone:()
Subject of Your Complaint:Health
Name of Company You Are Complaining About:P-Tech Solutions
Street Address:P.O. Box 443
State or Canadian Province:California
Zip Code or Postal Code:93245
Company Web Site:
Company E-Mail
How Did the Company Initially Contact You?:Internet Web Site
How Much Did the Company Ask You to Pay?:299
How Much Did You Actually Pay the Company?:0
Explain Your Problem: (Please limit your complaint to 2000 characters.):I represent Short Persons Support. This complaint is about 31 companies who take advantage of young people who are desperate to be taller. These companies sell herbal supplements, lotions, instruction manuals, and devices that claim to help people grow, even if they are years or decades past puberty. Some claim growth of up to 4 inches. Fourteen of the companies are in the U.S. and four are in Canada, with the rest in other countries.

About 20 readers a month contact us to inquire if should trust any of these companies or to complain about how they have been cheated. Many others are spending hundreds of dollars and worse, pinning their hopes for their future, on products that can not work. Most of the companies offer money back guarantees. However, their victims find that calls and emails go unanswered when they ask for their money back.

A comprehensive list of companies and a description of the problem can be found at this site:

We believe that these companies should be investigated under Operation Cure.All. Would you please open up an investigation. We are also requesting that the FTC provide a specific warning about these products that we can pass on to our readers.

We are doing the best that we can to discourage them from wasting their money on these phony products. However, like some cancer patients, many would risk a lot of money for a solution that had even a small chance of succeeding.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or if you need any additional information. Thank you.