This page lists specific notes about some of the companies. The page used to be called the "Worst of the Worst". However, that name led some people to believe that the companies not listed here sell products that might actually work. Not true. All the companies are frauds and all the products they sell are scams. We've just heard more complaints or have our own comments about some of the companies.

  • Advanced Natural Balance
  • EZ Shop
  • Gnosis Health Products
  • Height Now
  • Ultimate Growth Secrets
  • These companies don't list their mailing address on their site, not even a P.O. Box. You must be extremely suspicious of a merchant who wishes to remain anonymous. This is especially true when the merchant sells a product that you can not try before deciding to make a purchase. If you don't have their address after the product fails, you won't be able to send back the product for a refund.

    We found their addresses in one of the Whois database of Internet Domain Names.

    While Advanced Natural Balance does list an address, it is a fake one. It is common for addresses that begin with 1313 to be fraudulent entries. Advanced Physical Tech.'s Whois entry is also probably fake. The zip code is the same as a popular TV show, which tales place in a residential area of Beverly Hills. It is possible that these two companies are really the same.

  • Amazing Height Advancement
  • Dr. Carl Brazer
  • Grow Taller Dynamics
  • Height System Team
  • Heightchallenged
  • Natralex Labs
  • Theron Nutrition
  • These companies go one step further than the ones listed in the previous note. Not only do they fail to list their postal addresses on their Web sites, but they pay a service to ensure that their addresses remain private. They are not listed in the Whois database of Internet Domain Names. It's not difficult to guess what they have to hide.
  • OneRom
  • Many of the companies that sell Height Increase products also offer some kind of money back guarantee. According to our readers, the companies often do not honor their guarantee simply by ignoring the customer's complaint. This is particularly easy for those companies that do not provide a mailing address or phone number on their Web sites. Companies that can only be contacted by email can easily determine which contacts to process and which ones to ignore.

    OneRom a little more inventive. They require that their customers provide documentation proving that they did not grow while using the product. You won't find this information on their Web sites. Customers only find out about the guarantee requirements after they have made their purchase. The products arrive with a money back guarantee form. Read it carefully. It says that to receive a refund, you must provide documentation from a hospital that there has been no growth. You must also include the name and phone number of the doctor who measured you, before and after you used the product. Many people may be too embarrassed to admit to their doctor that they spent money for the product and don't have their height measured before starting treatment.

  • OneRom
  • P-Tech Solutions
  • Several companies sell special shoe insoles. Some sell a product called Kimi and others call it Yoko. The insoles, so the companies claim, use the Chinese medical tradition of reflexology. Reflexology maps locations on the bottoms of the feet to organs and systems in the body. By pressing on these map locations, a practitioner can cure an illness for the associated organ.

    Kimi & Yoko take reflexology a step further. Their insole is supposed to use acupressure to stimulate growth. Acupressure is related to acupuncture, but uses pressure instead of needles. However, that's little comfort for the insole wearer. Readers report that it is very painful to walk on the insoles and they often give up before the allotted time. Either way, no one has ever reported any success with these products.

    Though the companies appear different, there are similarities that suggest some link. People who have purchased both Kimi and Yoko say that the packaging and material is exactly the same, except for the product name. When you buy the Kimi product, you also receive 50 free bonus. The companies make the outrageous claim that the bonuses are worth $379. In fact, all of these are simply informational and most just provide links to other Web sites. Several of the free bonuses link to or copy information from Short Persons Support. even lists our research as their own on thier home page. The company that sells Yoko offers 10 free bonuses, worth between $40 and $50, many of which match the first 10 Kimi bonus. Short Persons Support does not support nor have we received any moneys from these companies.

    For companies that brazenly lie about about their bonuses, it is no leap of reason to assume that they are also lying about their products and money back guarantees.

    One reader reported returning his Yoko insoles to, in Malaysia in July 2002. As of January 2003, the person had not received a refund and the company had stopped responding to inquires.

  • Beauty Forever
  • One reader reported being conned out of thousands of dollars by Beauty Forever. This is perhaps the worst scam of them all because the products are so expensive. Four boxes of growth patches plus the equipment to use with them costs over $1,100! There is no guarantee. Beauty Forever is essentially a beauty salon that has expanded its business model to include fraud. Treatments includes putting the customer's feet in a bucket of warm water, followed by a foot massage with the expensive machine. It appears to use the same process of Reflexology as does Kimi. Neither work but if you are going to throw away your money, you might as well waste it on the less expensive product. The company is located in Singapore so if you live here, stay away fromt the store and the outlets.
  • Sino Tech
  • One reader reported that Sino Tech never sent the product. They claimed problems with the courier company but did not refund the $260 and eventually stopped answering inquires. Failure to ship has become more common with these companies in recent years.
  • SatoGrowth
  • On reader reported purchasing a two month supply of Satogrowth powder. The company did not send the product as seen on their Web site, but instead sent two small plastic packs of the powder. The reader lost $215 on those two small packs.
  • Prolex
  • In early 2005, many Scam Height Increase companies operating out of Canada were shut down by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Prolex maintained its Web site but offered a cryptic message about being out of stock. Unfortunately, by year-end, it was back in business.

    Besides not working, one of our readers reported that the product arrived without a return address label, making it difficult to return for the "so called" money back guarantee.

    Two other readers reported requesting a refund after they found that the product did not or could not work. The company quietly ignored these requests.

    Rather than developing their own content, Prolex plagiarized parts of Short Persons Support. At one time, their Growing Taller page lifted content directly from our Leg Lengthening New Developments page.

  • P-Tech Solutions
  • One of our readers reported contacting P-Tech to obtain assurances that their product work as advertised. After several unreturned emails, the reader accused the company of fraudulent practices. Finally a company representative responded with:
    Get a life you loser.

    This says something about what these companies, or at least this particular one, think about their customers. They don't respect them and they don't want to help them. They simply want their money.

    Four readers reported not receiving the product, after paying for it.

    Another reader contacted some of the people list on P-Tech's testimonials page to verify that their experiences were positive. The people contacted were very irritated and said they never used the product.

    One reader reported problems returning the unopened package because the company does not respond to these email requests and the phone number doesn't work.

    One reader reported that her son was charged by FloridaShowtime for two orders instead of one and that the product never arrived. After many emails and calls went unanswered, a representative from the company replied by email that they would refund her money, less shipping, if she returned the package. That's hard to do when there is no package.
  • I Grew Taller
  • While we have not received any specific complaints about this company, we have noticed that it is very unreliable. Twice it's been down for extended times for a site redesign and it even changed its URL once. The site is very slow. The site gives a U.S. Postal address but the URL is registered to an Indonesian company. The server being located in Indonesia would explain why it is so slow.
  • Advanced Physical Technologies
  • Some companies point to research results to prove their claims. While the companies target English speaking clients, the research they quote is usually from a non-English speaking facility. We do not question the integrity of the facility but the language difference makes it difficult for a prospective client to investigate the claim. Difficult but not always impossible.

    Advanced Physical Technologies quotes the conclusion of a study by Amato G, Izzo G, La Montagna G, Bellastella A.:

    CONCLUSIONS: Our results suggest that 12 months of rhGH treatment at the lowest doses so far used normalizes bone metabolism and cortical bone density, and improves trabecular bone density leading to height increase without causing adverse events.

    The conclusion in the abstract of the published paper is close:

    CONCLUSIONS: Our results suggest that 12 months of rhGH treatment at the lowest doses so far used normalizes bone metabolism and cortical bone density, and improves trabecular bone density without causing adverse events.

    but clearly does not address Height Increase.

  • Body Image Solutions
  • One reader reported that this company did not reply to emails questioning why their product wasn't working for him.
  • TIME Height Increase
  • TIME Height Increase has one of the most unique marketing strategies that we've seen and the best example of a non-product. The company charges only $20 for their secret method to make anyone taller. It is the cheapest price on the height increasing market. People who suspect that height increasing schemes are scams are more likely to spend the $20 just in case it may work.

    The company loads their web sites with words about products that have nothing to do with their own. You might expect that they do this to make comparisons with their competitors but their goal is more devious They pack their Web site with meaningless text so search engines will place them higher in their search results. They even have a page that they don't want you to read:

    Please visit another page, This page is simply for the search engine to find

    This behaviour tends to decrease the accuracy of search engine results and the search engine companies guard against it. We have contacted the major search engines and have report TMT's actions.

    So what is this amazing secret that can cause people to grow in just hours and is reversible. The secret that the company paid $700 to learn. According to one reader, the secret is

    ...a piece of paper saying how to insert a base into a shoe to make oneself taller.

    The company might as well end the letter with a Hah Hah!

  • Body Remodeling
  • Ginza Kojima Height Increase Clinic
  • These companies are very different from most others listed on the Companies page. Where as most sell products, these two "clinics" sell height increasing services. They bill themselves in the same business sector as Cosmetic Leg Lengthening but claim similar results without invasive surgery. There may be some merit in their techniques for posture correction but their claims of almost limitless growth are highly suspicious.
  • Adult Height Increase
  • Amazing Height Advancement
  • These companies are very thrifty. They don't even bother to establish a Web address and Web site. Instead, they use social networking sites to advertise their products. Amazing Height Advancement doesn't even take credit cards. To order their product, you have to send email, which may not be secure. The companies don't provide their address or phone numbers so it will be difficult to ask for a refund when you find that the product didn't work. By using a social networking site, it's not possible to obtain their address from Whois.
  • Human Growth Hormones
  • Before 2009, there were many Web sites that sold Human Growth Hormone products specifically for height increase and many more that sold HGH for other reasons such as increased energy levels and to reverse the effects of aging. The evidence that HGH actually works for these non-height increasing health issues is not good but outside the domain of the Short Persons Support. This site sells HGH for many purposes including height increase. Unfortunately, we expect that more HGH sites will expand their market to include height increase. This company's height increase product for is more expensive than their other HGH products and among the most expensive in this market.
  • Grow Taller 4 Idiots
  • The company goes under many different names and different Web addresses. All Web address sell electronic instructions for $47. The names of some of the books are difference but there is evidence that they all belong to the same company.

    One reader reported buying an ebook from the company but it was sever sent. The company did not reply to his emails.

    Another reader asked for his money back when he learned that there was no book - only online instructions. He was told the account was sent to accounting for a refund but after 60 emails, nothing ever arrived. A lot of these companies are really one or two people who were able to create a Web site and populate it with content. They are not large enough to have accounting or service departments.

  • GrowthBooster
  • GrowthEnhancer
  • Parmalab
  • A reader submitted this link to a bulleting board post:
    Parmalab, GrowthBooster, GrowthEnhancer and all that crap are various businesses run by 3 brothers from Montreal, Quebec Canada.

    The oldest of all is a 33 years of age and the second youngest is 30 and the youngest is 25

    The oldest: Zia Sharifi
    The Middle: Ahmed Wali Sharifi
    The Youngest Feroz or Faroz Sharifi