Leg Lengthening is a complex process that has traditionally been performed primarily on children to correct disproportional leg lengths. It has also been an option for people with dwarfism to gain additional height.

More recently, the procedure has been used to give people with Constitutional Short Stature two or three extra inches of height. The term Constitutional Short Stature refers to people who are in the bottom fifth percentile of height in their region and do not display any deformities common with dwarfism.

Cosmetic Leg Lengthening procedures (also called Symmetric Extended Limb Lengthening) can not be compared with more simple plastic surgery options. They are very complex, painful, costly and require long recovery times from one half to one full year. People considering this procedure must be fully aware of the pain and discomfort associated with it and must be mentally prepared for the duration. Since anti-inflammatory pain medication can disrupt the creation of new bone, some doctors prescribe minimal pain management. Some medical centers require that the patient undergo a psychological evaluation to ensure they will be able to endure the recovery, with the necessary positive attitude.

If you are considering this procedure, be very careful about choosing a reputable hospital and ask a lot of questions.

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Since leg lengthening for constitutional short stature is considered cosmetic surgery, it is not covered by medical insurance and the full cost must be borne by the patient. For example: