While children's departments and sizes are often short enough for an adult woman, they are not designed for a fuller, but short figure. Of course, often the styles are also not appropriate.

One exception is JC Penney half size children's clothes, for both girls and boys, especially in the school uniform section. These clothes are short in nature (armhole position and just general fit) and yet bigger around than standard girls' clothes which allow room for ladies bust sizes. They are called Girls Plus and boys Husky and there a sizing chart is available.

My favorite item to buy in this store, from the catalogue on-line, or the outlet store; is the white, yellow and light blue oxford cloth and blends, shirts in short or long sleeves. All I have to do is shorten the hem. The sweaters are the girls' half sizes are also short but wider. They also have sweater vests. While this is only part of a wardrobe, the shirts are just fine and the sweaters are nice, too.

JC Penney also has a ladies line of clothes by Cabin Creek and St. John's Bay. The petite shirts fit me well and only need hemming. Once you know what size you wear, you can order shirts out of the catalog from season to season. They have a lot of different fabrics, colors and patterns, short and long sleeves. Recently the white shirts were in the Penny on-line Outlet Store for $8.00, about half price.

I buy the Cabin Creek elastic waist pants, cut the top off, turn the top over and make a new casing and run new elastic through it. Then I hem them. To establish the top edge for the pants' elastic casing, tie a string around your waist and pin the line. This will be the top edge you turn over to create a perfect casing, waist and height, just for you. For some of us, the length from the back crotch to the top edge may be too long while the front crotch is inches shorter. In this sewing alteration, it doesn't matter and can be managed. These pants also come in denim, white and many colors. They have corduroy for winter. If you don't sew, then try on pants in the store until you get the basic size correct, then explain the new waist casing plan to a home sewer, when you are lucky to find one. Eventually you can mail order these pants, without trying them on.

Maternity stores often have dresses without waists that come closer to fitting than many common dresses. A maternity catalogue can work if you are shy to shop in their stores. I have bought three or four of the same dress in different colors and some very pretty dresses in these shops. I grew up in a family that altered sewing patterns and sewed clothes. I am too busy now to do this, but perhaps a home sewer can be found to work for you.

For the men, JC Penney has a line of Husky clothes in the same basic white oxford cloth shirts and blends that the Girls-Plus offers. At least a person can have a couple of easy and inexpensive shirts all year long without a lot of work. They will also mail orders to your home and take returns.