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  1. Suicide more common in smokers, short people
    Korea Herald, 29 September 2011

  2. An Inevitable Effect Of Aging: Shrinkage
    Unless You Spend Time Hanging From Your Heels
    Hartford Courant, By Jim Shea, 28 September 2011

  3. Commentary. Human growth, height, size
    Reasons to be small
    World Public Health Nutrition Assoc., By Thomas Samaras, March 2011
    See related Editorial

  4. Ecuadorean Villagers May Hold Secret to Longevity
    The New York Times, By Nocholas Wade, 16 February 2011

  5. The short get more fitness benefit from walking
    Equation for how much energy we use when walking discovered
    Cherry Creek News, 9 December 2010

  6. Take that, Stretch! Short people burn more calories walking
    They use more energy to cover the same distance as people with longer legs, study finds
    MSNBC (source: My Health News), 12 November 2010

  7. Bad News for Short People: Higher Risk of Heart Problems
    Who knew? Height is a risk factor for heart disease. A new study is suggesting a link between height and heart problems like angina, heart attacks and angioplasties.
    Sci-rech Today, By Maria Cheng, 9 June 2010

  8. Short People May Have Increased Heart Risk
    Study Shows Greater Risk of Heart Attacks and Earlier Death for Short People
    WebMD, By Kathleen Doheny, 8 June 2010

  9. Short people are more likely to develop heart disease than tall people
    e! Science News, 8 June 2010

  10. Short people at higher risk of lung disease
    Shorter people are more likely to develop chronic lung disease, according to researchers.
    Nursing Times, 8 January 2010

  11. War on Shortness! Worry About Health Care Costs is Driving Us Crazy
    Secondhand Smoke, By Wesley J. Smith, 19 October 2009

  12. The Fat and Short of It
    The New York Times, By Daniel Engber, 15 October 2009

  13. Why Tall People Are Happier Than Short People
    TIME, By Sean Gregory, 29 July 2009

  14. Tall, short - or got a small head? Here's what your physique reveals about your health
    Mail Online, By Roger Dobson, 2 June 2009

  15. Good News, Short People: Your Senses May Be Faster Than Tall People’s
    Discover, 19 May 2009

  16. The Genetic Dimension of Height and Health
    It may be no tall tale: A few inches taller or shorter could signal a risk for some diseases
    ScienceNews, By Solmaz Barazesh, 9 May 2009

  17. Fact or Fiction?: It's No Tall Tale, Height Matters
    Is it true that short people have a tougher time in life than their taller peers?
    Scientific American, By Fran Hawthorne, 14 November 2008

  18. Long on talent
    Globe and Mail, By Raymond Heard, 13 September 2008

  19. Taller People Are Happier
    Taller people report higher life satisfaction than shorter people
    Gallup, By Angus Deaton, Ph.D. and Raksha Arora, 10 September 2008

  20. From IQ to liver disease, why we little people get the short straw
    MailOnline, By Vincent Graff, 26 May 2008

  21. New hopes for short-stature people
    The Hindu (source: Press Trust of India), 12 May 2008

  22. Dementia threat 'is greater for short people', say scientists
    Daily Mail, By Jenny Hope, 5 May 2008

  23. Wee genes make tall story
    Yahoo! News (source: AFP), 6 April 2008

  24. Stack heels? Perhaps Sarkzoy should try a 2in head implant instead
    Daily Mail, By Tom Worden, 31 March 2008

  25. Genetic Connection Between Short Stature And Arthritis Uncovered
    Common genetic variants linked to arthritis may also play a role in human height, a new study shows.
    ScienceDaily, 17 January 2008

  26. Height gains taper off for Dutch, world's tallest people
    PR-inside, 7 January 2008

  27. Why Are Pygmies Short?
    The question is controversial. Traditional explanations attribute pygmies' small stature to minimizing caloric requirements and walking in dense forests. However, a new study by researchers at the University of Cambridge suggests that there are some problems with this explanation, and offers an alternative hypothesis.
    Physorg, By Lisa Zyga, 21 December 2007

  28. Pygmies life expectancy is between 16 and 24
    Telegraph, By Roger Highfield, 10 December 2007

  29. In terms of height (and well-being), Americans now fall short
    The Union-Tribune, By Scott LaFee, 29 November 2007

  30. The long and short of good health
    Mirror, By Caroline Jones, 1 November 2007

  31. New Studies Reach Surprising Conclusions About Shorter People
    City News, 22 October 2007

  32. Shorter people 'have a chip on their shoulder which makes them unhealthy'
    This is London, 18 October 2007

  33. Shortness is bad for your health, By Roger Highfield, 18 October 2007

  34. Genome study shines light on genetic link to height
    First reproducible connection made between genes and height in humans
    EurekAlert!, By Nicole Davis, 2 September 2007

  35. Rapid height gain ads misleading, 15 August 2007

  36. We must stand tall
    Let tall people rule sports, like we rule the world
    Sport Illustrated, By Frank Deford, 15 August 2007

  37. America Loses Its Stature as Tallest Country
    Washington Post, By Rob Stein, 13 August 2007

  38. Honey, Who Shrank America?
    Once the tallest people on earth, Americans are now among the shortest and fattest in the industrialized world. What do these numbers reveal about the nation’s health-care system?
    MSNBC (source: Newsweek), By Karen Springen, 2 August 2007

  39. Marketers Pay Full $1.9 Million After Hidden Assets Are Discovered
    Press Zoom, 25 April 2007

  40. Height enhancing pill makes tall promises
    WFAA, By Janet St. James, 10 October 2006

  41. Invention offers help to vertically challenged
    The News-Gazette, By Don Dodson, 7 February 2006

  42. Diabetics who are short have an advantage, doctors find
    The Globe And Mail, By Paul Taylor, 3 February 2006

  43. The Claim: Tall People Live Longer Than Short People
    The New York Times, By Anahad O'Connor, 10 January 2006

  44. At the height of my short success
    Sturgis Journal, By Dave Cramton, 7 December 2005

  45. Traditional Chinese medicine makes world's shortest woman taller
    China Economic Net, 29 March 2005

  46. Americans getting a bit taller and much heavier
    Government figures show U.S. is literally growing
    MSNBC (source: Reuters), 5 November 2004

  47. Report: Americans growing taller and wider
    Better nutrition has helped Americans grow a little taller. But it's been too much of a good thing: The nation is also a whole lot fatter.
    CNN (source: The Associated Press), 29 October 2004

  48. Heart Bypass Seen Riskier for Short People
    Reuters UK, By Matías A. Loewy, 11 October 2004

  49. Why Many Elite Gymnasts Are Short
    Greek Studies Say It's Due to Intense Gymnastic Training
    WebMD, By Miranda Hitti, 25 August 2004

  50. It's a tall world after all
    Worried about new stats showing North American men are being dwarfed by the Europeans? Get used to it.
    The Globe and Mail, By Jeff Gray, 8 May 2004

  51. The Height Gap
    Why Europeans are getting taller and taller—and Americans aren’t.
    The New Yorker, By Burkhard Bilger, 5 April 2004

  52. Herbo Height’s ‘Magic’and ‘Gas’ are tall claims
    Herbo Height therapy’s claims were not sub-stantiated. Don't fall for tall claims.
    Deccan Herald, 30 March 2004

  53. Small People, Large Questions
    Radio National, By Robyn Williams, 17 November 2002

  54. Life's vertical limits
    Researchers disagree on link between height and length of life.
    KIRO-TV, By Nicolle Charbonneau, 13 February 2002

  55. Short People Have Higher Stroke Risk
    Cosmiverse (source: Reuters), 11 February 2002

  56. Tall Story: Melbourne Scientists Uncover the Gene for Height
    University of Melbourne, By Stephen Harrap, 10 September 2001

  57. Hitting the Ceiling
    Why Americans Are Tall, But Have Stopped Growing Taller
    ABC News, By Amanda Onion, 3 July 2001

  58. Hitting the Ceiling
    Why Americans Are Tall, But Have Stopped Growing Taller
    ABC News, By Amanda Onion, 3 July 2001

  59. Napoleon's Revenge
    In the U.S., Height Hits its Head on the Genetic Ceiling
    Scientific American, By Alison McCook, July 2001

  60. Short people
    Do short genes mean short lives?
    ABC Health Matters, By Norman Swan, 18 June 2001

  61. The 'short stick' in life, By Art Hister, 5 September 2000

  62. Higher stroke risk for short people
    BBC News, 9 May 2000

  63. Minerva
    Statistical Data Included (source: British Medical Journal), 29 January 2000

  64. Height and risk of cancer (source: British Medical Journal), By Mark Mccarthy, 17 April 1999

  65. The tall and short of it
    Range of heights in human demonstrates plasticity of human species (source: Discover), By Barry Bogin, February 1998

  66. Tiny Mice, Long Life
    Perspectives, By Kathryn Jaehnig and Marilyn Davis, March 1997

  67. A Tall Story For Our Time
    In The Rise And Rise Of Modern Mankind, Scientists Are Discovering That Height Bears A Clear Relationship To Healthiness And Social Well-Being, By Rod Usher, 14 October 1996

  68. Tall people shown more likely to survive heart attack
    The Chronical, 16 November 1994