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Short men often find it difficult meeting women for romantic relationships. Most of these articles support this but there is also some hope. See also Resources : Relationships.

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  1. Try Dating Shorter Men
    She Knows Love, By Jamie Beckman, 24 October 2011

  2. Short Men Can Look Forward to Having Younger Wives
    Big Think, By Marina Adshade, 11 October 2011

  3. In the dating world, short men face a whole different set of hurdles
    Toronto Sun, By Sexy Typewriter, 15 September 2011

  4. Venus & Mars: Does Size Really Matter?
    Jakarta Globe, By Katrin Figge & Tasa Nugraza Barley, 12 June 2011

  5. Girl Talk: I Like Dating Shorter Guys
    The Frisky, By Anna Goldfarb, 9 June 2011

  6. Will all short men please stand up and get counted
    The Citizen, 21 May 2011

  7. Being short is not a shortcoming
    A shorter man having trouble attracting women is given some perspective
    Uptown, By Sasha, 21 April 2011

  8. Readers weigh in on 'heightism'
    The Arizona Republic, By Abigail Van Buren, 21 October 2010

  9. Banning Short Men from Marriage Agencies Violates Human Dignity: Watchdog
    Bernama, 15 September 2010

  10. Are Short Guys Dateable?
    Cafemom, By Sasha Brown-Worsham, 2 September 2010

  11. Would You Date A Short Guy? Take our Poll
    Shine (source: Yahoo), By Liz Brody, 3 June 2010

  12. Tall girls, more cattle
    A Sudanese tribal chief explains one of the realities of his village, where daughters are still traded for longhorns.
    Los Angeles Times, By Jeffrey Fleishman, 4 May 2010

  13. When Prince Charming is shorter, balder and younger than you dreamt
    Jamaica Observer, 26 April 2010

  14. Study: Tall men have more attractive partners
    USA Today, October 2009

  15. What makes short men attractive?, By Alisa Chagnon, 8 August 2009

  16. Finding love against tall odds
    Behind the increasingly popular short-man/tall-woman relationships
    Metro International, By Elizabeth Braw, 2 August 2009

  17. Size really doesn't matter in hunter-gatherer society
    The London School of Economic and Political Science, By Dr. Rebecca Sear and Professor Frank Mar, 1 July 2009

  18. Little and large: Why Sophie Dahl and Jamie Cullum think their height difference is no big deal
    Mail Online, By Natalie Clarke, 17 June 2009

  19. Truth About Dating: Readers respond to 'height' column, By Steve Penner, 29 August 2008

  20. Why short women with long legs are the most attractive
    Short women with long legs are the most naturally attractive to men, according to a new study., By Roger Highfield, 18 August 2008

  21. Dating column: Women hypocrites for refusing to date short men, By Steve Penner, 15 August 2008

  22. Size does matter. Cute, maybe, but little weenies just donít cut it.
    Sunday World, By Miss Roberts, 26 July 2008

  23. The height report, By Robin Abrahams, 27 May 2008

  24. Short on Love
    I'm a 5-foot-6 guy. And that makes me as sexy and appealing as Will Smith.
    Boston Globe, By Kerry Keene, 25 May 2008

  25. Confessions of a short man in love
    One (vertically challenged) writer comes up short in romance
    MSNBC (source: Tango), By Jonathan Bender, 9 April 2008

  26. Dahl Hits Back At Cullum Height Jibes
    PR-inside (source: World Entertainment News Network), 19 March 2008

  27. Tall women, short men
    Contra Costa Times, By Jessica Yadegaran, 2 February 2008

  28. At least 5ft 10ins, clean-shaven and driving a silver Mercedes:
    The 20-point guide to what women REALLY want in their

    Daily Mail, By Lucy Ballinger, 16 January 2008

  29. Size simply does matter...
    The Press, By Jo Haywood, 10 September 2007

  30. If You Are Short, Fat, Older or An Asian Man, You Must Read This. But Especially If Youíre Short.
    Advice from a Single Dating Expert, By Evan Marc Katz, 7 September 2007

  31. Why DO tall women love little men?
    Daily Mail, By Kate Mulvey, 23 August 2007

  32. A short response
    The Daily Orange - Pulp, By Omar Raschid, 20 September 2005

  33. The long and short of the dating world
    Seacoast Living, By Steve Penner, 15 July 2005

  34. Small detail becomes super-sized issue
    The Plain Dealer, By Ebony Reed, 6 February 2005

  35. Short guy, long on nerve, seeks 1 date per state
    The Washington Post, By Libby Copeland, 9 November 2004

  36. Short and sweet
    You can look him straight in the eye and even borrow his clothes: Some reasons why smaller men rock., By Curtis Sittenfeld, 8 November 2004
    See also letters about this article

  37. Seeing eye to Eye
    These tall women say height is no measure of a man
    The Flint Journal, By Rose Mary Reiz, 19 September 2004

  38. Short people got no reason to date, By Joe Donatelli, 11 February 2004

  39. Small talk, By Jane Laidlaw, 28 January 2004

  40. Commentary: Pros and cons of Internet dating
    National Public Radio, By Meri Danquah, 16 December 2003

  41. Chinese women more and more practical in choosing partners
    CHINAdaily, 7 December 2003

  42. Women overlooking short men
    Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, By Georgie Binks, 10 November 2003

  43. Size really does matter
    Evening Standard, By Jaya Narain, 31 March 2003

  44. Height fantastic
    MegaStar, By Paul Sorene, 31 March 2003

  45. It's the height of folly to worry about your date's high heels
    Ottawa Citizen, By Rondi Adamson, 15 December 2002

  46. Short Men Syndrome (source: The Kampala Monitor), By Hilary Joseph Bainemigisha, 30 August 2002
    This is a horrible article by a heightist that goes to show that short people still face much prejudice in society.

  47. Tall men and short women go hand in hand
    ninemsn, 14 August 2002

  48. Tall men 'top husband stakes'
    BBC News, 14 August 2002

  49. Pip-squeak paramours have gals going gaga
    Mainichi Daily News, By Ryann Connell, 12 August 2002

  50. The short reason some relationships last longer
    Short women are more likely to be in a long-term relationship and have kids; men also prefer smaller women, a study finds
    The Straits Times, August 2002

  51. Short man, a good dancer, rose her expectations
    The Sacramento Bee, By Ann Landers, 12 January 2002

  52. Short Guys? No Way!, By Wayua Muli, 8 December 2001

  53. Tall women don't look down noses at short men
    Chicago Tribune, By Cheryl Lavin, 2 December 2001

  54. Short guide to a happy marriage
    THE secret of a long and faithful marriage is to marry a short man, according to research.
    News.Telegraph, By Robert Uhlig, 5 October 2001

  55. Where are the Single Men?
    Canoe, By …lisabeth Alexandre, 25 May 2001

  56. A downside to frequent sex
    Q: Iíd like to see you discuss womenís height preferences for dating prospects.
    MSNBC, By Jennifer Kornreich, 30 November 2000

  57. In Praise of Short Men, By Ari McKee, 10 September 2000

  58. Tall Men Do Get The Girls
    Psychology Today, By Amy Wilson, May 2000

  59. Short men, tall troubles
    The Tribune, By Manpreet Singh, 19 March 2000

  60. I like 'em short
    What short men lack in height, they make up for in might., By Julie Manis, 29 February 2000

  61. A Look at Looks
    GenerationJ, By Allison Kaplan, February 2000

  62. Of meteors and men
    Sizes, shapes and angles
    The Daily, By Matt Schmidt, 24 January 2000

  63. Good news for short incompetents
    Sacramento Business Journal, By Lee Wessman, 24 January 2000

  64. New study finds that size does matter
    Arizona Daily Wildcat, By Blake Smith, 18 January 2000

  65. Women Like Tall Men
    futureframe News, 14 January 2000

  66. Why tall men don't go short
    Scientists have the answer
    The Sydney Morning Herald, By Tim Radford, 14 January 2000

  67. Tall guys get the girls
    Stand out in a crowd: Finding a mate can be tricky
    BBC News, 13 January 2000

  68. It's true: Women prefer the tall guys
    USA Today, By Tim Friend, 13 January 2000

  69. Tall men get the girls and have more kids than short guys (source: The Associated Press), By Rick Callahan, 13 January 2000

  70. What Do Women Want?
    Nature Serves Up a Tall Order
    Gentlemen May Prefer Blondes, but Researchers Find Women Want Height

    WebMD, By Sean Swint, 12 January 2000

  71. Tall Guys Get the Girls
    Short Men Less Likely to Marry, Have Kids
    ABC News, By Rick Callahan, The Associated, 12 January 2000

  72. Sex Appeal
    Report # 3 to the Toronto Sun on the Second Annual Sun/COMPAS Sex Survey
    Compass - National Post Official Research Supplier, 3 September 1999

  73. Forget Shorty
    What is it about short men that keeps them at the bottom of the erotic pecking order?, By Courtney Weaver, 22 April 1998
    Letters to the Editor

  74. Let's Keep this Short
    One man's tall tale..., By Benda Ross, 3 June 1997

  75. What women don't know about men, By Joel Yanofsky, May 1997
    See page 2.

  76. All men are not created equal
    ABC 20/20, 27 December 1996

  77. Too Short To Date?
    Go Ask Alice!, 24 February 1995