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These articles describe the non-dating issues short men face.

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  1. Remembrance Day: The Army Of ‘Dwarfs’ Who Fought In The Trenches of the Somme
    In the Great War tens of thoussands of men deemed to short to join the British Army formed their own unique units and became known as the Bantam Battalions.
    International Business Times, By Ewan Plamer, 10 November 2011

  2. Is your height holding you back?
    NZ Men, By Bertan Budak, 14 September 2011

  3. Short, Dark and Handsome?
    Huffington Post, By Leslie Goldman, 14 September 2011

  4. Denis Kilcommons: Tall tales about short men
    The Huddersfield Daily Examiner, By Denis Kilcommons, 31 May 2011

  5. HERB BENHAM: Walking tall, but writing short, By Herb Benham, 11 April 2011

  6. Short men feel body image pressure
    Dalas News, By Carolyn Hax, 27 December 2010

  7. PABLO: May all the short men stand up!
    The Observer, By Pablo Humour, 6 January 2010

  8. Do Tall Men Get All the Breaks? How to Cope if You're a Short Man
    Men who are taller than average may have advantages at work and social situations. This can affect the self-esteem of shorter men.
    myOptumHealth, By Howard Seidman, 24 August 2009

  9. The big problem that short men face
    The new Speaker John Bercow is the latest high profile target of heightism. Why are there still low blows for short people?
    Time Online, By Luke Leitch, 24 June 2009

  10. Anti-short bias is the height of folly, By Sid McKeen, 19 October 2008

  11. I have 2 little words for you S&M whiners, 'grow up'
    The Record, By Joel Rubinoff, 23 May 2008

  12. In short, stature's no joke, filmmaker argues
    Documentary looks at last acceptable prejudice
    The Gazette, By Joel Yanofsky, 11 May 2008

  13. ASA raps Paddy Power over gambling dwarf ad
    'Irresponsible', declares watchdog
    The Register, By Lester Haines, 23 April 2008

  14. Short men shortchanged
    Females biologically programmed to prefer tall guys, documentary says
    The Star, By judy Gerstel, 21 April 2008

  15. Is short man syndrome a tall story
    Coventry Telegraph, By Karen Hambridge, 14 April 2008

  16. Short Man Syndrome does exist, say boffins
    icWales, 23 March 2008

  17. Is this the PROOF that short men feel insecure?
    Daily Mail, By David Derbyshire, 17 March 2008

  18. Why I'm on a short fuse
    Mirror, By Richard Hammond, 15 March 2008

  19. The Little Guys Who Laugh Off The Critics
    Daily Record, 14 March 2008

  20. Short men 'are the most jealous'
    Short men are the most likely to be jealous, scientists believe.
    BBC News, 12 March 2008

  21. Small men 'too tall for midget fetishists and too short for everyone else'
    Howard Goldberg's doc "will not likely shock the short ... (but) should sensitize the more tall."
    The Gazette, By Bill Brownstein, 17 February 2008

  22. Why Height Doesn't Matter
    Four short men who have survived ridicule and prejudice share their success secrets
    Men's Health, By Joe Kita, January 2008

  23. TV Eye: Short men proud to walk tall
    The New Zealand Herald, By Linda Herrick, 16 November 2007

  24. The shoe lift challenge: Eat your heart out, Tom
    How did Tom Cruise suddenly grow three inches to be taller than his wife? We asked this vertically challenged writer to test one theory ... and see if it stacked up.
    Daily Mail, By Vince Graff, 14 November 2007

  25. Pedophilia study yet another slight to the short
    The Star, By Lynda Hurst, 27 October 2007

  26. The big issue
    When we were hunter-gatherers a man’s height mattered, but can it really matter today? Yes, say the surveys: tall men attract women and are better paid. Dr. Thomas Stuttaford explains why the last of
    Times Online, By Robin I. M. Dunbar, 26 July 2007

  27. A short history of men standing on boxes
    The Guardian, By Lucy Mangan, 26 April 2007

  28. Yes, short men are a little sexier
    Daily Mail, By Paul Daniels, 5 April 2007

  29. Fatal chop to the Napoleonic complex
    Study finds short men are not more aggressive
    Media Life, By Heidi Dawley, 2 April 2007

  30. Rap on the knuckles uncovers the long and short of aggression
    The New Zealand Herald, 30 March 2007

  31. Short men 'not more aggressive'
    The theory that short men end up as more aggressive than taller ones has been dismissed by a scientific study.
    BBC News, 28 March 2007

  32. Forget Napoleon, taller men have the shorter fuse
    This is London, 28 March 2007

  33. Success close to the ground
    The Dominion Post, 17 March 2007

  34. Roy Gray: Tom Cruise, Prince And I Inspire The "Height" Challenged
    openPR, By Kathy Hanson, 5 February 2007

  35. Size Counts
    Filmmaker Howard Goldberg discovers legal height discrimination in China
    Montreal Mirror, By Mathew Hays, 25 January 2007
    Short Persons Support editor was interviewed for this film in his role as trustee of NOSSA.

  36. Goldberg takes on Short subject
    Payback, By Matthew Hays, 22 January 2007

  37. Why short people suffer the height of prejudice
    The Sydney Morning Herald, By Adele Horin, 16 December 2006

  38. Size Matters
    How Height Affects the Health, Happiness, and Success of Boys -- and the Men They Become
    Washington Post, By Stephen S. Hall, 24 November 2006
    Purchase Size Matters

  39. BORDERS: It's true: I look taller in my photo
    The Lufkin Daily News, By Gary Borders, 5 November 2006

  40. Size Matters
    The New York Times, By Scott Stossel, 3 November 2006

  41. Short men thrive in spite of bias, author says News, By Mary Nersessian, 26 October 2006

  42. Male room: Small wonder
    Star Tribune, By Bill Dawson, 3 March 2006

  43. A head below the rest
    The Jerusalem Post, By Michelle Margalit, 12 September 2005

  44. Livin’ Large
    Crack open a tallboy and let the celebration begin for the 25 biggest short dudes of all time.
    Maxim, August 2005

  45. Suicide Risk Rises for Shorter Men
    MedPage Today, By Katrina Woznicki, 28 July 2005

  46. Height And Suicide
    Twofold Risk Found In Swedish Study Of Shorter Men Aged 18-49
    CBS News (source: WebMD), By Miranda Hitti, 13 July 2005

  47. Short men lean towards suicide, 2 July 2005

  48. Long and short of being small
    YET another survey says short men have a hard time.
    The Huddersfield Daily Examiner, 15 June 2005

  49. Tall men lead by a long way in life
    Roger Dobson and Will Iredale, By Times Online, 12 June 2005

  50. Towering figures
    The Eagle-Tribune, By Kristi Palma, 19 December 2002

  51. Short subject
    As if my 20s weren’t hard enough, now I’m shrinking
    The, By Chris Berdik, 8 August 2002

  52. While Reich is at ease with his short jokes, others miss big picture, By Dan Phelps, 20 May 2002

  53. Reich's brief self-mockery plays well
    Boston Herald, By Wayne Woodlief, 16 May 2002

  54. Short people rise up in anger at Reich
    Boston Herald, By Karen E. Crummy, 15 May 2002
    Short Persons Support editor was interviewed for this article.

  55. Schoolgirl sex swindler given short end of the stick
    Mainichi Daily News, 13 April 2002

  56. Short Changed
    Home Truths with John Peel (source: BBC Radio 4), 4 March 2002
    Michael Calwell, an essays contributer for Short Persons Support, was interviewed by BBC.

  57. tall tales
    St. Paul Pioneer Planet, By Richard Chin, 30 January 2002
    Short Persons Support editor was interviewed for this article.

  58. Victimology News! Short Guys Finish Last
    SHRIMPS (Severely Height Restricted Individuals of the Male Persuasion)
    Psychobabble (source: University of British Columbia Psychology Department), March 2000

  59. Shinnamon's 'short man' remark resurfaces
    SunOne The Gainesville Sun, By Cindy Swirko, Staff Writer, 27 January 1999

  60. Changing landscape
    Comedy Central won't come up short with new host of Daily Show
    Chicago Tribune, By Allen Johnson, 18 August 1998

  61. Books: Short men are good for the environment
    The Detroit News, By Lenita Powers, Reno Gazette-Journal, 27 August 1996

  62. Heightism
    Time, 4 October 1971