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These articles highlight short politicians or question why taller candidates more often win over shorter candidates.

News articles are shown in reverse chronological order. A  symbol next to an article indicates that it was added within the past month.

  1. Sarkozy, Berlusconi and Medvedev: The Long and the Short of it
    International Business Times, By Palash R. Ghosh, 29 October 2011

  2. 'Tall beats small' in leadership stakes, By Alex Stevenson, 18 October 2011

    The News Tribune, By Bill Hall, 24 September 2011

  4. Why Do Short People Still Exist?
    Mother Jones, By Kevin Drum, 16 August 2011

  5. Small man syndrome? Pint-sized President Nicolas Sarkozy requests 'short' security men for India visit
    Mail Online, 7 December 2010

  6. Napoleon syndrome
    Today in the series of programs dedicated to the coming 200th anniversary of Russia’s victory over Napoleon Bonaparte we would like to speak about Napoleon as a historical figure who gave name to a short man syndrome.
    The Voice of Russia, 1 November 2010

  7. Barbara Walters to Barbara Boxer: You're Tiny!
    Politico, By Karin Tanabe, 10 October 2010

  8. Madison: the little man behind Jefferson
    A revisionist biography of this pair of founding fathers who managed a rare political partnership.
    Star Tribune, By Carl Rollyson, 2 October 2010

  9. Nicolas Sarkozy 'bans tall workers from factory walkabout'
    French President Nicolas Sarkozy has been accused of banning tall workers from attending a factory walkabout – because they will make him look too short.
    Telegraph, 15 June 2010

  10. Nicolas Sarkozy bans tall bodyguards
    Tall security agents have been discreetly advised not to apply for a job guarding Nicolas Sarkozy, police sources have claimed.
    Telegraph, By Henry Samuel, 7 June 2010

  11. Sarkozy's insecurities: 5ft5in French president brings custom-built lectern to America so he won't look too petite
    Mail Online, By Peter Allen, 30 March 2010

  12. French complain at Sarko 'dwarf' jibe by David Cameron
    Adding insult to injury, the French leader was also taunted by George Osborne for his lack of inches
    The Independent UK, By Brian Brady, 14 March 2010

  13. Dingman Notes: The Short And The Tall Of Recycling
    Pike County Press & Port Jervis News, By Jerry Goldberg, 11 February 2010

  14. The height of the matter
    Next, By Olu Jacob, 9 October 2009

  15. Sarkozy's short crowd
    TimesOnline, By Charles Bremner, 7 September 2009

  16. Size matters & color codes
    With a meeting between presidents Medvedev and Obama now looming on the near horizon, it's a good time for Russian speakers learning English to consider the two most obvious differences between these gents - think a moment - and figure out how to talk about them without offending anyone (especially the two presidents).
    The Moscow News, By Mark H. Teeter, 5 March 2009

  17. Is Voting A Measured Decision?
    Washington Post, By Jay Mathews, 12 August 2008

  18. On height, By Gideon Levy, 20 July 2008

  19. World's Leaders Don't Stand So Tall
    G-8 Summit Proves You Don't Have to Be Tall to Rise to Power
    ABC News, By Nick Watt and Jenna Mucha, 5 July 2008

  20. Clinton's height is questioned. But politicians routinely fudge that... The Star, By Darryl Levings, 29 May 2008

  21. Weighing in on size discrimination
    Massachusetts bill would punish bias on the basis of height, weight (source: Newhouse News Service), By Dan Ring, 29 March 2008

  22. Activists weigh in on biases
    Bill would outlaw size discrimination
    Boston Herald, By Laurel J. Sweet, 26 March 2008

  23. On Beacon Hill, Marblehead author goes to bat for short, fat
    The Salem News, By Rachel Kolokoff, 26 March 2008

  24. Tall Order
    Bill would target bias based on weight, height
    Boston Herald, By Laurel J. Sweet, 24 March 2008

  25. A chance to grow into the job, 16 March 2008

  26. Who is the shortest world leader?
    The Guardian, By Jon Henley, 4 March 2008

  27. Point of View: Politics, and the Short of It
    Brooklyn Daily Eagle, By Raanan Geberer, 23 January 2008

  28. Tall != electable
    Candidates' height matters in more nuanced ways than we'd expect.
    The Christian Science Monitor, By Ralph Keyes, 15 November 2007

  29. The 'Small Man Syndrome'!
    American Chronicle, By Sunny Chris Okenwa, 16 October 2007

  30. Sarkozy: Small man syndrome?
    News 24, 21 September 2007

  31. Bloomberg's just short of the truth
    Newsday, By Les Payne, 24 June 2007

  32. My height
    Joe Pantalone
    Toronto Star, By Michele Henry, 22 February 2007

  33. Deep-seated differences create a debate debacle
    The Sydney Morning Herald., By Alex Mitchell, 7 January 2007

  34. The long and short of picking a president
    The Detroit News, By Jay Mathews, 4 January 2004

  35. The Election: It's Inching Down on Us
    Height Used to Matter to Voters, but Things May Be Looking Up for Shorter Candidates
    Washington Post, By Jay Mathews, 29 December 2003

  36. Height is not might at APEC leaders’ summit
    Heightism has found a profile at the Pacific Rim summit
    The Manila Times (source: Reuters), 20 October 2003

  37. Selling Dean Short
    The Nation, By Katha Pollitt, 14 August 2003

  38. A voice for the 'little fellers'
    Star Tribune, By Dane Smith and Patricia Lopez, 26 October 2002

  39. The True Measure of a Man
    Robert Reich Rises Above the Height Issue in His Run for Governor
    The Washington Post, By Mark Leibovich, 14 March 2002

  40. Get Shorty!
    The American Prospect, 11 February 2002

  41. GMA Gets Over Insecurities
    President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo is no longer insecure about her height, or lack of it.
    Philippine Headline News Online, By Sol Jose Vanzi, 27 January 2001

  42. Perry criticizes Sanchez over working to diffuse height differential
    Star-Telegram (source: Associated Press), By Mark Babineck, 4 October 2000

  43. Staying on Top is a Tall Order
    Gore tries to rebound
    Everybody Comes to Rick's, By Rick Horowitz, 16 November 1999

  44. The Shrinking Field
    The Washington Post, By Jay Mathews, 3 August 1999

  45. Where They Stand
    The New York Times, By Maureen Dowd, 21 June 1992